US and 12 other countries criticize “WHO” after report that COVID-19 Came from Animal and not Chinese Lab

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COVID-19 Came from Animal and not Chinese LabCOVID-19 Came from Animal and not Chinese Lab

US and 12 of its allies have released a statement criticizing the World Health Organisation (WHO) after the release of a World Health Organization report that said the Coronavirus pandemic is very likely to have started with transmission from one animal to another, and then to humans.

However, the WHO’s new report raises more questions about the body’s relationship with China as alleged by the past Donald Trump Administration, who cut off funding to the health body in 2020 citing a ‘cover up’ between the WHO and China

The 120-page WHO report, released Tuesday March 30, says a scenario where the virus spread via an intermediate animal host, possibly a wild animal captured and then raised on a farm, is “very likely.”

In the joint statement between the US and 12 other countries, they questioned the WHO report and called for independent and fully transparent evaluations, while the European Union called for better access for researchers and further investigation.

The investigation has not found what other animal was infected by a bat — considered the most likely original source of the virus — and then may have transmitted it to a human.

The governments of Australia, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Slovenia and the United Kingdom all signed on to the joint statement with the US.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that President Joe Biden believes Americans deserve better information about the origin of Covid-19 and further steps from the global community”

“I think he believes the American people, the global community, the medical experts, the doctors — all of the people who have been working to save lives, the families who have lost loved ones — all deserve greater transparency,”


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