stingy men association of Nigeria
Are you a member of the stingy men association of Nigeria?

This stingy men association of Nigeria #SMAN has been trending for days, and it has been a pure cruise. There’s an ID card for each member, and the movement has an official Twitter handle 😁

It is ‘Agree & Amplify’ method of passing women’s shit test. Women usually call the men that don’t comply with their whims ‘stingy.’

The only two ways a woman can manipulate you into compliance with your ego and sexual urge.

Wahala for all those ‘Urgent 2k’ girls. Their career don end be that.

Or really?

You see, konji is the other way that being a member of the stingy men association doesn’t help you solve.

Most men will spend their money when there’s a likelihood of having sex.

If ‘she’ says she’s coming over but doesn’t have transport, some #StingyMenAssociation members will send her 2k for transportation. But her line will become unreachable after she sees the alert. 😂

Don’t let women use your ego or sexual urge to extort money from you, and also don’t take this trend seriously.

So, are you a member of the stingy men association? 😄
Let’s see your Identity card and the position you occupy.

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