Air Force Institute of Technology Screening days 2020/2021 | Timetable

This is to in form candidates who applied for Air Force Institute of Technology Screening 2020/2021 (AFIT), that Days for 2020 Admission will commence from December 7th, to December 11th, 2020.

Therefore, all Those who applied for AFIT Screening should See the schedule below;

Air Force Institute of Technology Screening days 2020/2021 | Timetable

Day 11. B.Eng Aerospace Engineering7th December 2020
Day 22. B.Sc. Cyber Security3. B.Sc Computer Science

4. B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering

5. B.Eng. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

6. B.Eng. Automotive Engineering

7. B.Sc Physics

8. B.Sc Mathematics

9. B.Sc Physics with Electronics

10. B.Sc Statistics

8th December 2020
Day 311. B.Sc. International Relations12. B.Sc Economics

13. B.Sc. Banking and Finance

14. B.Sc Business Administration

15. B.Sc Accounting

16. B.Sc Marketing

9th December 2020
Day 417. B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering18. B.Eng Electrical/Electronics Engineering

19. B.Eng Civil Engineering

20. B.Eng Information and Communication Engineering

21. B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering

22. B.Sc Chemistry

10th December 2020
Day 523. ND Aircraft Engineering Technology24. ND Business Administration and Management

25. ND Electrical Electronics Engineering

26. ND Mechanical Engineering

27. ND Civil Engineering

28. ND Explosive Ordinance (Military Only)


Open this page for eligibility and requirements

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