As a man learn how to control your emotions
As a man learn how to control your emotions

I used to think that men are logical while women are emotional. But I now know better that men feel emotions like women do, but only process it in a different way. Emotions are natural, and hence, everyone feels them. So as a man, learn how to control your emotions with this few steps.

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  • Relationship with money
  • Relationship with Women
  • Relationship with others
  • How to control emotions as a
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Let’s Learn how to control emotions

It is said that men are more logical because men tend to rely on logic more than they would on emotions. In contrast, it is said that women rely on emotions more than they would on logic. There are reasons for this from the perspective of evolutionary biology but let’s keep this post simple.

Women also use logic when the need arises. They even thrive in courses like Law and Philosophy that require logic. in contrast, we downplay the influence emotions have on men.

Some men cannot manage their emotions. They are even more neurotic than teenage girls. It is important to learn how to manage your emotions. It will help you navigate through life.

There are three areas a man must achieve emotional mastery


Most people think that they are very careful about spending money. Yet, people use their emotions to make decisions in spending money. They use their emotions to make decisions and use logic to justify their decision.

When people are on a spending spree, their emotions are at the driver’s seat. Even if their decision to spend money doesn’t make sense, the emotions are stronger and mostly win.

S3x is a high motivating factor in men spending money. Men spend their money on women they would like to f*ck. You didn’t give that babe that needed urgent 2k money because you don’t desire to f*ck her. You see that babe you’re crushing on, and want to pound aggressively, if she asks for 2k, you will add an extra 100 naira for bank charges.

The male ego is another motivating factor in men spending money. Men spend their money to garner respect from people. At night clubs, most of the purchase (of casket) for ego validation.

As a man, you must be wise with your money. Treat your wallet the way a woman treats her vagina. Don’t open it for everything that wants it. People would do whatever to get money out of you. Golddiggers use s3x and ego to extort money from men.


If you cannot control your emotions in relationships with women, you will SUFFER.

Why do some men get stuck in the friendzone? They cannot brace their emotions and walk away from a woman that isn’t romantically interested in them. Why do men get stuck in a relationship where they are emotionally abused? They cannot brace their emotions and walk away from a dysfunctional relationship.

If a woman still does anything that triggers you, you still need mastery over your emotions. Women are annoying!!! But if you’ve mastered your emotions, you can laugh off most of their shenanigans without it getting to you. Also, you can set firm boundaries with them, because you’re not emotionally invested in a woman that you cannot walk away.

A man that hasn’t achieved emotional mastery will also suffer in relationships. One nuance of inter-gender dynamics is that masculinity is structured, while feminity is free-flowing. A woman’s emotions are like the sea. Sometimes, it is calm and peaceful like a river. Other times, it becomes boisterous and turbulent. Men are the rock that women can anchor on when their emotions are overwhelming them. But how can a man be firm if he is even more emotional than a woman?


We relate with other people in society, from our families to neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers. You need high emotional intelligence to relate seamlessly with people.

Nice guys are people pleasers. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to be in the good books of others. Yet, the people they try to please use them as pawns.

Narcissists are self-centered people that only care about themselves. They use whatever manipulative means to get whatever they want.

People respect Masculine men; they don’t try to manipulate people to get respect from them. They aren’t people-pleasers like the nice guys and aren’t self-centered like Narcissists. They have high emotional intelligence and social calibration.

Learning how to control your emotions will make you have a good relationship with people. The Machiavellian way is to never allow others to control your emotions but seek to control the emotions of others (without being controlling). People that manage their emotions poorly are not respected by others.

Some men poorly process emotions is passive-aggressiveness and the transfer of aggression. It is when a man doesn’t confront the person or something that gives him emotional stress and then vents his bottled emotions on others that are not responsible for how he feels at the moment.

This isn’t the way of men!

How to control your emotions as a man

  • Disengage From The Situation.
  • Avoid Emotional Numbing.
  • Call A Supportive Friend.
  • Give Yourself Alone Quiet Time.
  • Get The Anger Out Of The Way.
  • Put The Pen To Paper.
  • Encourage Yourself To Feel.
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Emotional mastery is key for any relationship a man has with money, women, and other people. A man who hasn’t achieved emotional mastery will struggle in handling these areas of his life.

If you want to learn emotional mastery, read books on emotional intelligence. But I’d recommend the book on stoicism: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

As you’re building yourself to become a man of high-value, it is important you develop emotional mastery. Do not let your emotions sabotage your journey in becoming a high-value man.


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