How long does it take to learn a skill?

How long does it take to learn a skill? Messi got admitted into the Barcelona academy when he was 13. He made his debut for the senior team when he was 17 years old.

Ansu Fati, 17 years old, was sixteen and some days when he got into the Barca senior squad.

There is a similarity between the Messi and Fati. They are gifted footballers and are both forwards. They joined Barcelona in their early years and became part of the squad of an elite football team just before adulthood. Their stories are a reflection of talent and good understanding of skill.

When learning a skill, age and opportunity can determine your success.

To master a skill, you must devote much time to learning that skill.

How much time is debatable?

Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers”, reckoned that most of the best achievers in sport, entertainment and other fields of human endeavours have probably practiced for some 10,000 hours.

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No need to bother your mind with calculating the amount of days, weeks and years that covers 10,000 hours.

For you starting out, the process to learning a skill can be made easy in two steps.

Get a coach and practice.

We have a lot of persons who have failed to learn the basics of their endeavour. For those who are football fans, imagine a player who cannot hold a ball properly and literally shakes when an opponent approaches him. He is short of confidence and practice, because practice makes confidence achievable.

For you to succeed, get someone who knows the skill well, no matter how insignificant you may think he is. Branding is a thing nowadays, just as social acceptance, but this should be taken at face value until you are sure the person is good enough.

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For instance, I am a copywriter and still learning from the best. I have been copying other adverts and salescopies on paper as recommended by one of the best copywriters in Nigeria. This exercise will enable me to get used to writing highly converting copies for goods and services. I discovered copywriting last year.

One thing is clear, consistency is the sacrifice you have to pay to learn a skill well. Practicing with the right information from someone who knows the basics of your skill is what makes you perfect.

You can neglect this advice if you are not keen on excellence.

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