According to Robert Kiyosaki, Assets are anything that puts money in your pocket. Everyone loves the idea of owning assets that can sponsor their lifestyle. Yet, when we think about assets, we think of big businesses or owning several rental properties or other forms of assets that require a large sum of money to acquire.

In reality, most of us are young and cannot buy it now. However, assets are not limited to the above listed.

In this modern era, several things can become assets to you. An example is digital assets. A King here made it as a post on his Facebook page, and the idea instantly lit like a bulb. For example, if you create and publish a Mobile Application on Google PlayStore or iPhone Store, you’ve made a digital asset that can generate income for a lifetime.

There are other digital assets, like writing an ebook, creating courses, making music, etc. People will buy when they know that it can meet their needs. Digital assets are infinitesimal – you create it once and can distribute it a million times.

Creating digital assets requires a little entry-level and a minimum investment. If you want to build an apartment, it could cost you millions, but if you’re going to create a digital product, it would cost you a little amount of money, and some time.

Also, learn how to see opportunities around you; the little things you overlook can turn out to be assets. For example, if your relative has undeveloped land, don’t leave it idle. Plant something on it. You can do vegetable farming, and you can gather enough experience from google and youtube to become successful at it.

There are many things you could do with little entry-level, and you’d reap bountifully from it.

Snail farming is also an easy farm to set up, it needs less monitoring and little investment for food.

You could also do a small scale poultry farm. All the information you need to become successful in setting up a poultry farm can be found on youtube.

We have it easy and have no excuses.

Even if you’re a King, and you’re the Prize, you must still Hustle. NO DULLING!!!

The return on investment you will make on any of these assets you decide to build may be small, but if you continue to build on it and expand it, you’ll soon grow it into a giant industry

The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time to start is now!

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