How to prevent acne and keep your face smooth

Have you ever thought about how to prevent acne for once? It’s no news that most people encounter problems that acne presents to them and their faces have turned out against their wish.

Let’s get to know what’s Acne

Acne is a skin disease that happens when hair follicles are plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It is also caused by skin irritation when the skin is subjected to poor care, such as harsh weather, dust and toxic chemicals.

How to prevent acne and keep your face smooth

This however is most common in both teenagers, adults respectively. It is believed to be a factor that shows maturity in teenagers, so whenever acne breaks out on the face of a young adult, it is most likely not regarded as a condition that needs utmost attention.

Thus the condition can be downright embarrassing most of the time, especially when you are at a loss, as to how to handle it and ladies do not relent in their conquest to find a lasting solution that will put an end to this nightmare, called acne.

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Here are some tips on how to prevent acne and keep your skin smooth

1. Wash your face often

Washing your face often will help to clean out clogged up pores and removes the dead cells, that might have accumulated on your face. Do not use soaps that are too high in chemicals though, as this might result in burns and irritation.

2. Avoid Dusty and Smoke Filled Places

Dust and smoke can lead to great irritation of the skin, hence, avoid places that are filled with them, if you must be there, you might want to use a face shield.

3. Invest in a Good Face Cleanser and Moisturizer

A good cleanser will help to clean up the dirt your soap could not wash off. After cleansing, apply a good face moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin.

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4. Do Not Sleep with Make Up On

This really refers to ladies, I guess this part is self explanatory. We do not want to wake up to Acne as a result of a make up clogged face. Always do the needful before going to bed.

5. Keep Your Make Up Tools Clean

Always clean up your make up tools to avoid transferring germs from them to your face.


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Acne is not a thing you should worry much about as there is a remedy. Hence, follow this simple guide, i assure you, there will be great changes. Consult your doctor if need be.

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