Who is an Alpha? Who is a Simp?

Who is an Alpha? Who is a Simp? Recently, the word ‘simp’ has been flying all over the internet, especially in male spaces. Certain men think themselves ‘alpha’ and other men that don’t act like them as ‘simps.’

Who is an Alpha?

A simp [simpleton] means a simple-minded person lacking common sense. This word is said to shame men that are inexperienced with women.

Some men are clueless with women and do what they think should logically attract a woman. Even if what they do doesn’t work, they’re still invested in their strategy and keep making the same mistakes with women.

Who is an alpha?

An alpha male is a dominant, assertive, protective, often successful, leadership-type man.

Few men possess these characteristics, while other men claim to be alpha. Most men read a book and immediately want to identify with the ‘alpha’ label.

Most men only want to become an alpha because they heard that the alpha males get all the women. An alpha male is doesn’t act the alpha attitude; he’s being himself when he’s dominant, assertive, and leading. Whereas, the wannabe alpha ‘act’ these qualities since it can get female attention.

What kind of alpha are you, if you can lack confidence? Alphas are confident people

What kind of alpha are you if you have a pot-belly and man-boobs? Alphas are physically dominant, and hence, have a strong masculine physique?

What kind of alpha are you if you held back by your fears?

What kind of alpha are you if you cannot lead yourself, let alone, others?

The more you call yourself an ‘alpha’, the less of an alpha you are.

Becoming a man of high-value is not an overnight event. It takes time to build your value, especially if you’re starting from ground 0.

Personally, I don’t shame any man by calling him a simp. I want men how to have better relationships with women. If you’re still struggling with women, these posts will help you out:

Becoming an alpha male requires more than acting, it means that your beliefs, mentality, and actions are congruent with the qualities of an alpha male. It is more than attaching to a label.

You can become a high-value male, but you must work to achieve it (if you’re not there already). It doesn’t come by chanting labels.

Cheers to becoming a high-value male, an alpha!

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