How to prepare for the nursing entrance exams 2020

looking for the right material and guide, on how to pass nursing entrance exams 2020? search no more, this just the right place for you.

It is very essential for candidates to invest in a Nursing Examination Study Guide, past questions and answers. Given what’s at stake, taking responsibility for your own preparation is the prudent course.

If you don’t need to go through our Nursing Pre-Entrance Exam guide, click here to download past questions and answers straight to your PC or mobile phone.

Please review our basic information about these different exams. Nursing schools use different exams for screening applicants across the country. Make sure you know the acronym of the exam you are taking.

How to pass nursing entrance exams 2020

Here are Nursing Pre-Entrance Exam guide and tips. The rest is up to you- the best teacher is the person who knows you best- YOU!

Things to consider!

Follow the nursing exam study guide

One of the best ways to focus your nursing studies is to base your learning around the past questions/answers. Reviewing a study guide not only reveals which subject areas the nursing exam focuses on, but also how the questions are presented.

Clearly, not everything you need to know, but if you study towards the nursing exam all along, you’ll feel more confident on exams day.

Study a little every day

You cannot cram a week’s worth of study into a few hours on the weekend. Commit to spending a little time on your nursing studies every day, even if you have to break it into several smaller increments in order to get it in. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and retain more information.

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Think in terms of action, not facts

It’s important for nurses to understand why certain conditions occur and what is happening physiologically in a patient. However, the patient is not interested in hearing those facts – he or she just wants to feel better. When you are studying for the nursing exam, ask yourself, “How will I help my patients with this information?” You’ll be a better nurse as well as a better student.

Form a study group

Research shows that students who study with peers retain approximately 90% of what they learn, as opposed to just 60% of what they hear in class alone and just 10% of what they read. Not to mention, studying with others helps provide encouragement and moral support. Get together with a few of your fellow nursing students (research shows that groups of three are the most effective) and put your heads together to share study tips and improve your performance.

Skim-read first

Nursing school requires a lot of reading, but if you try to retain everything on your first exams, you are just going to be frustrated. Before you read the material first. Look at headings, subheadings and highlighted terms and review the summaries and questions at the end of the chapter, to determine which information is most important.

Know your learning style

Everyone learns differently: some need to see information, some need to hear it, while others learn kinetically. So in effect, everyone needs to discover which study tips work best for them. Know your own style and use it to your advantage. For example, kinetic learners often do best when they write out their notes, as the motion of writing helps them remember.

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Use downtime as study time

Nursing studies require a certain level of memorization. Create flashcards or notes that will help you review those facts when you are doing other things. For example, tape cards listing vital sign ranges to your bathroom mirror, so you’ll see them when you’re brushing your teeth. Eventually, without even really trying, those numbers will be second nature.

Take breaks

If you spend all of your time studying, you are just going to get overwhelmed and probably not retain as much information as you would hope. Be sure to take regular breaks so you do not lose interest or enthusiasm. Sometimes, just a short change of scenery can help recharge your batteries and improve retention.

Things to do!

Getting into nursing school can be a competitive process. In addition to high grades, work experience, volunteer experience, and a successful interview, applicants must take a nursing school entrance exam when applying to any accredited nursing program. If you are interested in attending nursing school, you must learn how to prepare for the nursing school entrance exams since these tests are a crucial part of the application.

Preparing for the Exam

Identify which exam you need to take.

Know the nuances of that exam.

Acquire the necessary materials and support.

Study as much as possible before the exam.

Take practice exams.

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