How Gold diggers exploit You to satisfy their desires

How Gold diggers exploit You to satisfy their desires. Women are manipulative! It’s the weapon nature granted them to ensure their suitability.

A man’s weapon is his wit and strength, while a woman’s weapon is her duplicitous nature and manipulative acts.

From the narrative of evolutionary psychology, women developed this weapon to enable them to lock down a provider.

A committed provider ensures the survivability of herself and her offspring. Women will conform to the expectation of the tribe, which will make them be in favor of men and secure a provider.

Human nature has remained constant despite the evolution of civilization. Women still do manipulative behaviors to make men provide for them in this modern era of civilization.

The foundation of inter-gender relationships is that men want women for s3x, while women want men for provisioning.

A thriving relationship is where both parties involved in it have their needs met as they meet the needs of their partner.

A shadow of the thriving relationship is the Friend zone. The man provides all the woman needs without getting his needs met by the woman.

Another shadow of the thriving relationship is Friends with Benefits. The man gets regular access to s3x without providing for her needs.

Nowadays, people are only interested in what they can get from a relationship without the willingness to invest in it. Women gold dig men of their resources to meet her desires without having to meet the needs of the man.

How Gold diggers exploit You to satisfy their desires

The Principle of Love

LOVE IS IN GIVING this is the law of investment. The more you give to someone, the more you love them. You’re more likely to give to someone again than they’re likely to reciprocate what they’ve received from you.

A man’s medium of exchange is his resources while a woman’s medium of exchange is her v*gina. Men hold what women want; women have what men want.

The reason for investment is simple – people invest in someone (or something) and expect a return of investment.

If a woman gives a man regular s3x, she becomes invested in him, because she expects commitment from him. If a man spends sacrificially on a woman, he becomes invested in her because he expects her s3xual access and loyalty.

Since a man’s treasure is his wallet, he can sleep with many women and not be attached to them because he is not investing in them. Since a woman’s treasure is her v*gina, she can collect money from various men and not be attached to them because she’s not investing in them.

A man’s heart goes where his money goes because men love with their money. A man spends his money on women he’d like to have s3x with.

How to prevent yourself from Gold diggers

A woman’s heart goes where her v*gina goes because women love with their v*gina. A woman sleeps with a man she’d like to be committed to her.

Men and women spend their treasure for validational purposes. The more men (and women) spend their resources, the more they fall in love.

Which relationship was harder to move on from after a breakup? Was it not the relationship you invested sacrificially in her? The ex-lovers you didn’t do much for, you quickly move on after the breakup.

Gold-diggers get men to invest in them by requesting for little favors. It may start from buying airtime on her phone but it could rise to the point of you paying her tuition fees and house rent.

Gold-diggers are also crafty in denying a man of s3x and promise him of future intercourse. This makes him think she’s special (i.e. not like other women) and invests more in her.

Two Men’s weakness that makes them easy prey to Gold diggers.

There are two weaknesses that make men fall prey to Gold diggers manipulation: libido & Ego. If a man isn’t in control of these aspects of his life, he’ll be continually preyed by Gold diggers.

How Gold diggers exploit You to satisfy their desires


Libido is the desire to have s*x. Men will do anything to get laid. S3xual enhancement products sell because men desire s3x more than they desire food.

Since the biological imperative of men is to spread his genes, he will desire to sleep with any female that he is attracted to.

Men spend money on women they want to have s3x with. They do not care about a woman’s problem unless it comes between his chance to have s3x with her.

That’s why men will send women transportation fare to come to visit them, but the women don’t show up. He sends money for transportation because her coming over increases his chance of sleeping with her.

Also, men try to solve women’s problems and expect to be paid back with s3x. Some men believe that if he can meet her petty needs, she’d fall for him and give him s3x in return.

So, women play the victim card, men think that if they help her, she’d appreciate them with s3x

Woman plays victim -> It affects the potential of s3x -> Man solves the problem to have s3x

Women know that s3x is the weakness of most men, hence, they use s3x to negotiate their demands. They withdraw s3x as punishment and give it as a reward.

If you don’t control your lust, women will use you to satisfy their desires without giving you s3x.

If you still beg for s3x or do favours for women so that they can repay you with s3x, you haven’t mastered your libido yet. If you’ve not mastered it, women will use you as a tool until you do.

When women notice that you’ve mastered your libido, they’ll respect you more as they can control you less.

How Gold diggers exploit You to satisfy their desires


Ego is the feeling of pride and importance. A man’s ego can be his strength or weakness. A man’s ego is stroked when he’s made to feel important because he can provide for the needs of others.

However, he feels less important when his ego is undermined. He feels inadequate and will do everything to look important in the eyes of people.

Women Gold dig a man when she subtly makes him feel inadequate. If your girlfriend borrows some money from a relative and it becomes a heated exchange of words that could fracture their relationship, how would you feel? Inadequate, right? So, you’ll help her pay her debts.

Also, women attack a man’s ego by guilt and shaming. When a woman asks you for money and you refuse to give, they start calling you “stingy” and other names to make you feel inadequate.

How to prevent yourself from Gold diggers

If you try to prove her wrong, she’s forced you into compliance by shaming you. When a woman starts telling you of her financial challenges, you feel a sense of guilt that you can’t help her. You may go beyond your capacity to see her needs met.

Do not let women work on your ego, do not let them make you feel inadequate with whatever manipulative means they’ve got in their arsenal.

If you’re not in a relationship with her, you’re not obliged to bear her financial burden. If you’re in a relationship with her, do not play the role of her father when you’re her boyfriend.

How to prevent yourself from Gold diggers

Gold diggers are the predators and you’re their prey. Your money is what they are after. Once they’ve milked you of all your money, they go to their next target.

Don’t pay attention to them! If you don’t pay attention, you won’t be interested and if you’re not interested, you won’t desire to have s3x with her.

Women hawk their s3xuality by wearing revealing clothes because they know that sexual urge is the weakness of most men. They understand that when they draw attention to themselves, they can make a man pay them for what he wants.


When women ask you for money, it’s okay to give if you’re willing to give and not as a negotiation to get s3x in return.

But if you do not want to give, be honest and tell her that you don’t have to give her. To prevent her from shaming you, list some major expenses (that are greater than hers) as the reasons why you don’t have the cash to give her.

Her: Hello Love. Please help me subscribe to my internet service.

You: Babe, that’s a small thing but I can’t do that currently, I’m currently channelling my funds towards my Degree that I rarely have any cash to spare. But, when I’m done with it, things will be better.

With this reply, she’d believe that you honestly don’t have the cash to give her and that you even have more pressing needs than hers. So, she’ll face her next target till next time.


Your libido and ego are what pushes you to invest in women that are only interested in your resources. If you control your libido and ego, you’ll rarely fall prey to the game Gold diggers play.

One key indicator of abundance mentality is the willpower to shun your libido despite an erect penis. You must always think with your head and not your penis.

You don’t owe women anything, as they believe that they don’t owe you anything. The two emotions that women use in manipulating men are shame and guilt.

When you can stand by your decision despite being made to face shame or feel guilt, you won’t fall for Gold diggers games.

How to exploit Gold diggers’ weakness

Gold-diggers have weakness just like the men that fall for their game. Gold diggers are entitled! Entitlement is a form of neediness. Gold diggers’ entitlement mentality grows as they find men that sponsor their lifestyle without them reciprocating that investment.

So, they expect all men to do their bidding. The more demanding a woman is, the less she’ll bring to the table. They are only after rich men that can meet their demands

However, these women know that the men that are interested in them don’t love them; they are only after s3x. She desires to have a good life – a family, children, loving husband – but they know their lifestyle cannot attract such men, yet they keep up with it to survive.

The Gold diggers’ weakness is in her desire to marry a man that can provide for her needs and love her. Her weakness makes her vulnerable to being exploited.

If you want to play Gold diggers, build an emotional connection with them and get her to invest in you. Also, promise her of the dream life she’s desires and she’ll fall for you. So, you can get s3x that other men pay for.

Gold diggers lose when she gives s3x without getting money in return, you lose to Gold diggers if you catch feelings for her and spend on her without getting s3x in return.

You can build a harem of women that you rotate at will if that’s your moral compass. From experience, they are only good for pump and dump and never a worthy prospect of a long-term relationship.

Gold diggers exploit You to satisfy their desires

Women will exploit you if give them the opportunity to do so. You could be useful to her, but not attractive to her. Hence, she could use your resources to satisfy your needs even when she’s not attracted to you, you would be her tool.

Most men fall for Gold diggers game because they think that they attract women by investing in her. Gold diggers get men to invest in them without reciprocating the investment to those men. The more demanding she is, the less she will bring any useful thing to the table.

Control your libido and ego; you’ll never fall for Gold diggers’ games.

You can exploit Gold diggers weakness by emotionally connecting with her and getting her to invest in you while you give her the hope of her desired life. However, they are not good prospects for long term relationships because they are “mentally broke” women.

You should avoid them completely, but if you’re interested in just sex, they are good for pump and dump.

Stay safe and stay wise!

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