How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation
How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation, Learn the Ancients’ secrets on how to control and transmute your s*xu*l energy to unlock unlimited potential for health, creativity, and wealth.

The life of men is a life of battle. Men have been fighting battles since the existence of humanity. Even if men don’t engage in wars, each man has a personal battle to fight in overcoming demons against his growth.

Every man must overcome his desire for impulsive m*sturb*tion and p*rn*graphy. This battle doesn’t involve the use of gun and bullets; it is a psychological battle; hence, consists of the use of willpower to instill discipline.

In society, there’s an abundance of arousing scenes, from movies to adverts, to the search pages of the internet. They play on human’s innate desire for s*x.

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation

M*sturb*tion is the twin of p*rn*graphy, and like operant conditioning in psychology, pornography arouses s*xual interest, then men m*sturb*te to release the strong s*xual urge. Soonest, anytime a man sees an erotic scene, he mast*rb*tes. Also, anytime there’s a s*xual urge, he consumes p*rn*graphy or fantasizes about women. Soon enough, m*sturb*tion and pornography become an addiction that’s hard to break.

Addiction is a compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior despite its negative consequences. Addiction thrives in isolation, secrecy, or support.

Men isolate themselves in the toilet or in a room to mast*rbate or consume p*rn. They practice m*sturb*tion and p*rn without the knowledge or interference from close friends or family. There’s ample support for p*rn*graphy and msturb*tion because there are various p*rn websites.

Most men have been watching p*rn and mast*rbating since their early teens, and have been mast*rbating and watching p*rn for over 10 years. They’ve tried to break the addiction only to fall deeper into it. Even when they try to find solutions on the internet, various sites encourage the habit, which leaves them more confused.

If you don’t understand the consequences of the addiction to m*sturb*tion and p*rn*graphy, you may not exercise the willpower required to overcome these demons.

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation


P*rn*graphy is the explicit display of s*xually arousing scenes in the form of videos or images.

There millions of p*rn*graphy sites that render free access to p*rn*graphic content, and they generate a lot of organic traffic.

P*rn websites account for about 30% of the world traffic, I.e., 3 of 10 people using the internet are watching p*rn on their phone or computer. In Nigeria, XV*deos is the 5th most visited website (behind Google, Facebook, YouTube, and B*t9ja). According to an interview with a Nigerian p*rn site CEO, he maintained that his p*rn website receives traffic from every part of the country. Age, religion, culture, etc., are no barriers for the traffic he gets on his website. He even maintained that he gets donations from people who appreciate his excellent work.

P*rn sells because it hits at one of a man’s core desires: to be s*xually desired by an attractive woman.

P*rn is a place with women where men are never rejected. Hence, men turn to p*rn when they need a release of their s*xual energy.

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation

P*rn destroys your self-worth.

Most men that turn to p*rn*graphy are men that cannot attract women they desire. P*rn stars are usually attractive. When you see another man pounding her and watching her scream in ecstasy, you feel ‘not good enough’ to attract or even have s*x with a beautiful woman. It makes you a passive cuckold.

P*rn feeds you with unhealthy s*xual lust.

P*rn*graphy isn’t only addictive; it also promotes degeneracy. Several s*xual practices were a taboo in earlier eras of civilization that p*rn*graphy has helped to normalize. For example, incest, hom*s*xuality, bestiality, etc., are now normal desires and top the chart of most queried p*rn niche.

P*rn stars are actors that are willing to do anything for money. Two actors may act as cousins in a p*rn scene, but watching it repeatedly inoculates your resistance to the taboo. Also, it feeds you with the idea of having s*x with your cousin, whereas p*rn stars are actors and not cousins in real life.

P*rn sets unrealistic expectations for s*x.

When men watch p*rn repeatedly, they start comparing themselves to famous p*rn stars. If they can’t please a woman like they see the stars do, they feel not good enough because they expect too much for s*x. They become bored with normal s*x and begin to fantasize about weird fetishes.

Men also expect their women to have s*x like p*rn stars and only see women as pleasure meat.

Most p*rn movies that last hours are various scenes that have been edited to look like one round of s*x. If you ask people how long s*xual intercourse should last, you’d realize that most men expect s*x to last for hours.

P*rn messes with your hormones.

P*rn*graphy stimulates your pleasure-reward system. Any time you mast*rbate, your body releases many ‘feel-good’ chemicals into the bloodstream. Constant consumption of p*rn*graphy stimulates the pleasure reward part of the brain until you become addicted and dependent on the after-release of hormones.

P*rn drains your s*xual energy.

Consuming p*rn*graphy steals your s*xual energy. After a wanking session, the rest of the p*rn video becomes boring, with your s*xual drive expelled.

P*rn affects your s*x life

P*rn rewires your brain to learn that the only s*xual pleasure you derive is from watching other people have s*x while you masturbate to it. You get your satisfaction from a fantasy instead of the real experience.

If you’re in a relationship where your woman doesn’t have s*x like a p*rn star, you’ll lose your desire for her, which will affect your s*x life. You won’t be able to form healthy relationships with women because you only see them as s*x toys.

How to Overcome Mast*rb*tion & Po*n*graphy infatuation


Mast*rbation is the stimulation of the s*x organ till ejac*lation. It has many interesting names like fap [the sound produced when you’re aggressively stimulating your genitals], wank, soapee, etc.

There’s a cliché that says that 98% of men mast*rbate, and the remaining 2% are lying. Mast*rbation is a common practice for most men. They start the habit in the teenage and continue with it until they’re over 50 years. It’s a habit that most men have tried to break without success.

S*x involves physical and emotional closeness, but mast*rbation is a physical act with no emotional closeness involved.


Mas*rbation depletes you of essential nutrients.

The testes are the only store for essential nutrients like zinc. Impulsive mast*rbation depletes your body of essential nutrients.

The body requires zinc to produce testosterone, and draining it means a lower level of testosterone.

Mast*rbation depletes your energy levels.

Impulsive mast*rbation drains your life force. It makes you tired and exhausted, and you cannot exert yourself in any productive activities.

Constant depletion of your hormones leaves you without any energy to make progress in your mission.

Mast*rbation blunts your Masculine Energy and Polarity.

An ejac*lation after a ‘soapee’ session releases feel-good chemicals, like oxytocin, dopamine, etc., into the bloodstream. These chemicals satiate your drive and inhibit your testosterone. Frequent mast*rbation ensures that you’re always without a masculine edge, and it makes you lose the masculine polarity that attracts women.

Mast*rbation erodes your confidence.

Mast*rbating to p*rn rewires your brain into thinking that you’re undeserving of beautiful women. Hence, when you see a beautiful woman in real life, your programming kicks in that you need to worship her and masturbate to her. You cannot handle the s*xual tension of a beautiful and attractive woman.

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation

Transmutation is the transformation of one element, or form of energy, to another. S*xual energy transmutation is the transformation of your energy or thoughts from a physical expression of energy and thoughts to other creative purposes.

S*xual energy Is the most potent force on earth. It can create life itself because it can be transformed from its physical expression into the life of a new-born baby. When men are filled with s*xual energy, it’s so powerful that most men cannot control it, and hence, seek an outlet.

S*xual desire develops a wider imagination, deeper courage, firmer willpower, more tenacious persistence, and flourishing creativity. There’s a need to transmute this potent force into other creative purposes when it is not used to create life.

Most men expel their energy through mast*rbating, consuming p*rn*graphic content, and having s*x with sluts.


Most men abuse their sp*rm because they see it as an abundant, and hence, cheap fluid. So, they value it less than what it is worth. They spill their divine fluid and dispose of it in toilets, septic tanks, and other disrespectful places.

It takes 50 drops of blood to make two semen. Even if males produce millions of sp*rm each day, it doesn’t make it a cheap substance. You put your body under strain, trying to create more semen even as you expel them.

Sp*rm is rich in various essential nutrients, and retaining it instead of releasing it, has many health benefits to the body. It refreshes the body.

Your semen is the physical manifestation of your s*xual energy. Sp*rm is life! And retaining it means carrying life around with you.

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation


Firstly, you cannot transmute your s*xual energy if you expel it at every urge. S*xual urge is the most potent stimuli on earth. Most men expel their s*xual energy, then use narcotics and alcohol to inspire creativity, which isn’t as powerful as s*xual energy.

Containing s*xual energy doesn’t mean the suppression of it. S*xual urge is inherent and natural. It shouldn’t be suppressed but channeled towards a purposeful cause. S*xual shame Is what makes men explore perverted s*xual passions. Most people are ashamed of their s*xuality and try to suppress it. Still, the force is too strong that they release the tension in every way possible, especially through masturbation and pornography. The s*xually repressed men are the most perverted.


I discovered, from the analysis of over 25,000 people, that men who succeed in an outstanding way, seldom do so before the age of forty, and more often they do not strike their real pace until they are well beyond the age of fifty. This fact was so astounding that it prompted me to go into the study of its cause most carefully, carrying the investigation over a period of more than twelve years.

This study disclosed the fact that the major reason why the majority of men who succeed do not begin to do so before the age of forty to fifty, is their tendency to DISSIPATE their energies through over indulgence in physical expression of the emotion of s*x. The majority of men never learn that the urge of s*x has other possibilities, which far transcend in importance, that of mere physical expression.

The majority of those who make this discovery, do so after having wasted many years at a period when the s*x energy is at its height, prior to the age of forty-five to fifty. This usually is followed by noteworthy achievement.

The lives of many men up to, and sometimes well past the age of forty, reflect a continued dissipation of energies, which could have been more profitably turned into better channels. Their finer and more powerful emotions are sown wildly to the four winds. Out of this habit of the male, grew the term, “sowing his wild oats.”

The desire for s*xual expression is by far the strongest and most impelling of all the human emotions, and for this very reason this desire, when harnessed and transmuted into action, other than that of physical expression, may raise one to the status of a genius.

Most men later learn the power of s*xual energy transmutation later in life, either consciously or unconsciously, and begin to build a fortune for themselves at that age.

But you have an unfair advantage over other men because you’re learning about the power of s*xual energy transmutation at a young age.

The people that practice s*xual energy transmutation have personal magnetism and enthusiasm. Their contained s*xual energy draws people to them. They use the powerful force of their energy as an edge in forming relationships with people. This energy can be communicated to others through:

The Handshake: The touch of the hand instantly indicates the presence of magnetism or the lack of it.

The voice tone: Personal magnetism is the factor that makes their voice have a charming cadence.

Thoughts: People with retained sexual energy have higher vibration of thoughts because they can contain their s*xual energy.

Appearance: People with retained s*xual energy are careful about their appearance. They wear clothing that complements their personality, physique, complexion, etc.

Women are attracted to your s*xual energy and vibe. Your s*xual urge sharpens the masculine qualities that women desire in men. Retaining your s*xual energy means that you’re keeping your life force to yourself. Women can pick this ‘full of life’ vibe because women want men with the highest masculine energy to plant on their fertile ground.


If you’ve understood the benefits of containing your s*xual energy, it’s a no brainer to transmute this potent force into other creative purposes.

Transmuting s*xual energy requires greater willpower to resist the urge to m*st*rbate and watch p*rn or have s*x with sluts. The benefits of s*xual transmutation far outweigh the burnout of exercising the willpower to resist the urge to release s*xual energy for a less worthy purpose.

The way to transmute s*xual energy is to focus your mind and channel your s*xual urge to other creative purposes. When you feel horny, do creative things like painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, coding, etc., or anything in line with your purpose. It is difficult to transmute your s*xual energy to creativity if you don’t have a worthy purpose.

Isolate the cues that trigger the urge to expel your energy. Resist the urge to m*sturb*te. When you stop masturbating, you also stop watching p*rn as a result.

You’ll face withdrawal syndrome like wet dreams, sleeplessness, weird dreams, etc. It means you’re overcoming your demons; DON’T QUIT!

Sometimes, the energy may be too strong for you to contain, and you find yourself impulsively m*sturb*ting. Don’t beat yourself to it; mistakes happen. Yet, don’t make the same mistake twice. It is easier to slip back into the habit of impulsive mast*rb*tion and p*rn consumption than it is to form the new habit of s*xual energy transmutation.

If you’re not celibate, you may have s*x with only women you desire. Having s*x with women you desire doesn’t drain you of your life force even if you ejaculate, unlike mast*rbation that depletes you of your energy. Having s*x with desirable women amplifies your s*xual energy and can lead to higher levels of creativity. However, limit your s*xual intercourse to once a month instead of falling into the trap of overindulging in s*x.

How to Overcome Masturbation & Pornography infatuation


The results of practicing s*xual energy transmutation are not backed by any scientific data. Yet, everyone that has tried it has maintained that it is beneficial even though critics claim that the results are ‘placebo effects.’

So, try it for yourself!

Mast*rbate and consume p*rn every day for one month while working on your goals (This won’t be a problem since you’re already a legend mast*rbator). Observe your progress in your goals during this period.

For the next month, resist the urge to mast*rbate or watch p*rn. Transmute the s*xual energy by doing creative things or channeling that energy towards your purpose when you feel horny. Observe your progress in your goals for a month.

Compare both results.

If you see an improvement in your productivity and more significant progress in your mission during the period of containing your energy, then stick to it. If you don’t see an improvement in your productivity or progress, then you can continue your impulsive masturbation and consumption of pornography.

But I strongly advise that you break the habit of masturbation and consumption of pornography. Mast*rbation and p*rn*graphy are addictions; they control you. If anything controls you, you’re a slave to it.

You may find it difficult to control your s*xual urge, which will increase your desperation to release your s*xual tension in any way possible. Your increase in desperation will beat out your maturity and wipe away your common sense. You may even revive a relationship with someone you know isn’t good for you, if that person could be an outlet for your urge. But if you can contain your s*xual energy beyond the need to expel it, you’ll feel a level of power like you’ve never felt before.

You have an unfair advantage over other men to see this post. You must start now to build your empire with your most potent force, instead of expelling it for a less worthy course.

Blessed are you among other men if you have a high s*xual urge.

Las las, konji nor be bastard! It’s a blessing.

Cheers to more s*xual urge, and the transmutation of that urge to build the life you desire.

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