Date with purpose

Date with purpose!

Date with a vision!

Don’t date aimlessly!

Don’t date out of loneliness!

Don’t date for s3x!

Don’t date for protection!

Don’t date for Shawarma!

Don’t date because your friends are dating!

Don’t date because you will feel Abnormal if you don’t date!

Don’t date for love!

Don’t date because everybody is dating!

Don’t date out of pity!

Don’t date for fun!

Don’t date for recharge card and outing!

Don’t date for sweet, romantic text messages!

Don’t date because he/she is handsome /beautiful!

Don’t date because you’ve come of age to date!

Don’t date because your friend are pressuring!

Date with purpose

Some time ago, if you can remember very well, I asked this question; Why are you in a relationship?

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I heard so many funny replies that day that made me laugh and weep in my heart at the same time.

I asked one girl too, but she couldn’t answer me. She was clueless. After a bit of pressure, she told me am just passing time. I said so you are dating just for the fun of it? And she said yes. I smiled. This is exactly the scenario of about 80-90% of relationships today.

No purpose of dating

No reason

No dreams, just for fun, s*x, and what they can benefit. That’s all.

So I won’t ask you to tell me why you’re dating. No! But this is just a food for thought for all of you.

Take a moment and ask yourself. “Why exactly am I dating”? This guy/girl am dating now, why am I dating him/her???

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Where is these relationship even heading to?

Am I on the right path?

Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers you can give yourself. After writing it down, read it carefully and see for yourself if you really have a good purpose of dating right now. Be very sincere in your assessment.

If you discover that your priorities are wrong or not set correctly, then please make a U-turn and try correcting those mistakes and set the records straight.

Thank you.

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