Rise above bitterness and hatred for women

Rise above bitterness and hatred for women, the posts, comments and reactions that some men make in this community sub communicate their bitterness and fear of women.

Most women have subpar behaviour and don’t have anything to offer a man beyond their vag*na. Yet, most men do not have any value to provide women with. It is hypocrisy to form ‘alpha’ on Facebook pages, groups and post, but enter these women’s Messenger to disgrace Masculinity.

What you complain about is what you tolerate. The bitter men that nurse hatred towards women will still put preeq inside the same woman he claims to dislike if she gives him kpekus to chop. Why do you hate them if you still chop kpekus if you have the chance?

We’re not in a war against women, the mission is to build ourselves into high-value men, and form relationships with worthy women that will positively impact society.

Most people come here to learn and grow, while others come to vent their frustration with women.

You can’t have hatred and bitterness towards women and still expect to have meaningful relationships with them. It’s like hating rich people and wishing to be wealthy. It never works!

Rise above bitterness and hatred for women

If you complain that women are entitled, the women you attract will be entitled. If you complain that women aren’t loyal, the women you attract will be promiscuous. It happens this way because even if you’re complaining about it, you’re still vibrating at that level, and therefore attract the women of the same energy level. Even if you complain about these women, a part of you still desires them, and that is why you keep attracting them.

If you want to have meaningful relationships with women, you must rise above your hatred for women. Unless you want to keep whining like a hurt puppy because of your previous bad experiences with women.

You should rise to the point of becoming a high-value man.

When you achieve this status, low-value women will lose their appeal to you, regardless of how curvy they may be. You’ll rise to the plane of abundance, and attract worthy women.

If you think there are no good women out there, it’s because you’re not operating on that vibe yet.

You’re a King, leave complaining about women for clueless low-value men.

Don’t be petty! Rise above your bitterness and hatred for women.

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