Your financial salvation is in your hands

King, Your financial salvation is in your hands

September started unpleasantly. There’s an increase in the price of fuel and electricity tariffs. Transitively, there’s a reduction in the minimum wage, and banks have reduced their interest rate in a savings account to almost nada.

All these events that have unfolded have a severe financial impact on people. It’s even worse. The hammer falls on the consumers because most people are consumers. If there’s an increase in materials of production, manufacturers add the cost of production to make some profit. Distributors add to the price of goods to make some profit. The consumer suffers the impact of the increase in the production of goods and services.

Your financial salvation is in your hands

Nobody is coming to save you; not the government, not the banks, not your friends or family. Your salvation is in your hands! To survive in this economy, you must be your own government and run your personal economy the way you’d wish the government would run the country.

There are two routes from here: you could decide to cope with the situation, or you could rise to the challenge to cushion the effect of the recent unpleasant events. Managing the challenge means that you would adjust your lifestyle to enable you to survive with what you have already. Or, you could use this as a motivation to build a recession-proof personal economy.

Your financial salvation is in your hands

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If you want to use this as a motivation to build a better financial fortress, then you should increase your capacity to earn, learn to save, and invest your funds wisely. Learn to be a producer; learn to produce more than you consume.

99% of people will ignore this; don’t be part of the 99%. Be among the 1% that will see this post as a motivation.

Your financial salvation is in your hands. It is up to you to save yourself because no one is coming to protect you.

Cheers to building the kind of success that no economy can affect.



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