Nice Guy attitude

9jatalks list out three (3) unique steps to stop that total “Nice Guy” attitude and gain more respect.

Unique Steps on how to gain respect & stop Mr. “Nice Guy” attitude

1. Never seek Validation from Women

This is the one attitude that Nice Guys always portray. If women don’t tell them what to do, they cannot do anything. It may seem as if they care about women opinions, but they are scared of offending them and doing what the (woman) do not like.

Yes women opinions matter but never seek their validation, do what works for you, the probability of them not liking it would be slim because all they see is a guy that makes decisions that works best for him.

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2. Saying No

David, please can you accompany me to where i am going today? Mr. “Nice Guy” David would always say yes to this request even if five different guys or ladies ask him this in just one day.

Always learn to use the NO answer power. Ladies shockingly, love it when a guy doesn’t always say yes or give them what they want. So you see, learn how to say No to what you know would not work for you and trust me your friends or ladies would admire and respect you.

3 Steps on how to gain respect & stop Mr. “Nice Guy” attitude

3. Put yourself first

Mr Nice Guy always puts the needs of others first before his own, that may sound like selflessness but that is plain inferiority complex. If you want to stop being a Nice Guy, put yourself first, settle your needs before you help others. Ladies love Guys that do not put them first all time, but Guys that have time for themselves, take care of their problems first before taking care of their own (Ladies) needs.

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So these are the three (3) unique steps that would help remove the “Mr. Nice Guy” tag from your personality and make you a Better man or as they say in local palace, Guy Man.

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